Monday, August 12, 2013

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

I'm sitting here anxiously awaiting the release of our new album "Booze, Bluez, & BBQ: Live In Tupelo" tomorrow morning, and I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! I'm excited about this release, as I feel it more accurately represents the Project and what we do in a live situation. Foosh and I took our time during the mixing and mastering stages trying to get the best sound we could, and I think we've hit it pretty close.

Doing an album is a pretty big undertaking. The equipment alone can be problematic (computers crashing, cables going bad, etc.) and getting everyone together at the same time is a lesson in patience. But, with a live album, you've only got "one shot" at getting it right. You don't have the luxury of going back and "fixing the mistakes," and some mistakes can kill the entire project. Luckily, we had a more than competent Recording Engineer (Jim Staten with Q-Now Audio and Mobile Recording) and received pristine files to work with. The showmanship of the guys was spot-on for the evening, and the only hurdle in front of us was the mix/master.

We took our time mixing to make sure we had everything "just right," mixing it down and listening on every possible system we could find (home surround systems, band mates' vehicle systems, etc.). We finally came up with a mix we were happy with and moved to mastering, using the same techniques to check the final product.

So, tomorrow morning, you'll be able to hear for yourself the fruits of our labors. Stream the album on Spotify, purchase it from iTunes, Google Play, BandCamp, or get it direct from the website (both digital AND physical form at Give it a spin (or 12) and let us know what you think, your likes and dislikes, so we can better entertain you. Just leave us a comment on this post. You are the reason we do this in the first place, and we want to make you (and keep you) happy.

See y'all Friday night at Woody's in Tupelo, MS. Show starts at 8:30, though I'll be there before then celebrating my 41st birthday.


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