Monday, October 13, 2014

Let's Hang Out This Weekend!

I love music festivals, always have. I'm not much of a fan when they get super popular (Memphis in May, SXSW, etc.), but the smaller festivals are lots of fun.

I especially love Blues festivals. They are my absolute favorite.

I don't get to attend music festivals anymore, unless, of course, I'm playing one, and even then, it's usually "there an hour before we go on and leaving immediately afterwards," which isn't a lot of fun. Occasionally, I get to enjoy some of the festivals we play, and I do enjoy myself.

One of my favorite blues festivals is The Bukka White Blues Festival in Aberdeen, Mississippi, each October. It just happens to be THIS weekend!

And I have the weekend off! For the most part, anyway.

I'll be playing at Jugtown Grill just down the road a piece Saturday evening, but that won't stop me from being at the Festival. My good friends, Jason Carter & the Healers, will be playing Saturday afternoon, and Homemade Jamz and Jimbo Mathis will be playing Saturday night. Lightnin' Malcolm, Leo "Bud" Welch, and Selwyn Birchwood will be playing Friday evening, and since I'll be in Aberdeen both days...

So why don't you all come on down to beautiful Aberdeen, Mississippi, on the banks of the Tenn-Tom Waterway, and hang out with us all weekend. There's a camp ground and everything for those of you who like to rough it.

Oh, and the Bukka White Blues Festival is free.