Monday, February 11, 2013

Vanelli's and Looking Forward

Last weekend marked the end of our 3 month house gig at Vanelli's. We had a blast and met some of the most incredible people, many of whom we hope to see at shows in the future. I want to thank vOz and the staff for the hospitality the showed us and for their hard work making each and every show the success it was. You all helped us put on an extended blues production the likes of which Tupelo hasn't seen in a while.

Looking forward into 2013, I'm working on extending our distance from Tupelo, along with writing and recording for a new album I hope to have ready later this year. We've had a couple of recording sessions and have a few good tracks, so it looks promising. Time will tell. I'm shooting for a late summer release. That would be a great Birfday present.

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