Monday, February 18, 2013

Tips For Being a Lady's Man #20

This tip comes from my good friend Chad Nolan of the Spunk Monkees. His suggestion of this tip also begins another part of my tips. Previous tips have mainly been centered around keeping your lady friends happy once the relationship has started. Chad's tip will begin a list for approaching and beginning a relationship with new lady friends.

Tip # 20
Buy a drink for every woman at the table, not just the one you're trying to meet. Generosity shown toward her circle of friends will be held in high regard, both with her and her friends, so be generous. Women consult their friends often when considering a date with someone new, and the bigger the impression you leave on her friends, the better the endorsement you'll receive in return. This also carries the added benefit of the possibility of multiple relationships. Remember to refer back previous Lady's Man tips for how to handle established relationships.

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  1. LOL buying rounds for the table MAY also infer to any interested parties that you have the financial means to keep them in a manner in which they'd like to become accustomed...