Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where's the bar? The Bank!

The Project played a show in Pheba, Mississippi, this past weekend. Pheba (fee-bee) is a small community just west of West Point on Highway 50. I say small, but that really doesn't describe it correctly. Foosh and I blinked our eyes and had passed completely through the bustling metropolis before we knew it.

"Uh, I bet that's the sign saying 'Pheba' when you're coming from the other direction...Yup, that's the sign saying 'Pheba' when you're coming from the other direction!"

"Damn, guess he meant the FIRST first left turn in Pheba."

So we find us a place to turn around, and hope we can react quickly enough on the second go around to find the ONLY left (or right, from this direction) turn in Pheba.

We were told we would know where to go when we get there, and sure enough, we knew exactly where to go!

We were to play the 2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Day at The Bank-The Bar! It was a day full of music, food, booze, and F-U-N, with Sunday Jam kicking of the event, followed by us, Sweet Tea Jubilee, and finally Southern Legends.

We pulled up to 50 or so people just as Sunday Jam was beginning their performance and were met at the gate by Joey Morgan, the owner of The Bank-The Bar, and his lovely lady Laura, who took us around and introduced us to all the staff. Foosh and I mingled with the crowd until Blake arrived and we began getting our gear ready to perform.

We took the stage a good 15 minutes early and played a few songs before getting Jimi and Marty from Southern Legends to jam on some Bobby "Blue" Bland with us. Marty Miller is a damn BEAST on guitar, and Jimi Key ain't no slouch his-self! I really enjoyed getting to jam with those guys.

We took a break long enough for Mr. Charles Burgin to sing a couple of tunes. What a treat! We then finished our set and started to mingle with the crowd, which had grown slightly. We met a lot of cool people (Sherri, Melissa, Dale) and we hope we left a good first impression.

Sweet Tea Jubilee did their normal bang-up job, but we had to hit the road before Southern Legends got the stage. Looking at the pics on Facebook from the night, it looks like they killed 'em as usual. The food was phenomenal and the hospitality was truly southern. Thank you so much for having us Pheba. We hope to be back to entertain you soon.

I do wanna mention the really cool old church building a block or so from the bar. Go check it out if you ever find yourself in that area.

Just remember, it's the FIRST first left turn in Pheba.

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