Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My New Haircut!

I managed to get through the entire day today not realizing it was April Fool's Day. I mean, for a joker like me, April Fool's Day is my favorite day of the year, a day when I can pull pranks on people that, any other day, would be considered in bad taste or childish. I didn't pull ONE SINGLE PRANK! In my defense, it was kind of a hectic day and I really didn't have time to even think about it. I did, however, decide to find a place to get my hair trimmed and decided to try someone new. I haven't had a haircut in a number of years and I knew my hair was in pretty bad shape.

I found a place that took walk-ins and politely sat in my chair as I waited for a "stylist" to come free. A nice young lady, we'll call her Claire, called me over and sat me in her chair.

"So, what do we want today?" Claire asks.

I told her that I haven't had a cut or even a trim in a number of years and I'm thinking maybe just trim the split ends off.

I'm not sure if she was serious or if this is her version of an April Fool's joke, but I'm not really happy with the results. What do you think?

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