Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Show Must Go On, Right?

I've been playing music for an audience since I was 16 years old. From the time I've been mobile, I've been sneaking in to venues to hear live music and pushing whatever band I was in at the time, trying to get gigs. And I've gotten pretty good at keeping gigs booked and keeping myself, and my band, as busy as we want to be. And I have played every show (pun intended)! In the 25+ years I've been playing, I've only canceled two shows. Two shows, out of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of shows in 25 years, and only two canceled. I mean, I bust my @$$ getting these gigs, and if I'm gonna cancel one, it better be for a good reason, right?

The first show I had to cancel was New Year's Eve of 2001-02, when my grandfather died. I just wasn't down to play that night. The second canceled show happened in March of this year. I had (absent-mindedly) booked a solo gig in town the same night as Jason's and Ally's wedding/reception. Both of these, I felt, were justifiable reasons to cancel a show. But other than that, I've played every show I've ever booked.

Well, except for the ones that got canceled at the last minute by the owner/booker/promoter. I didn't play those shows, either.

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