Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Booze, Bluez, & BBQ: Live In Tupelo

Booze, Bluez, & BBQ: Live in Tupelo
As I'm sure you've noticed, work on the new Live+ album is underway, and is going really well. The mix is almost right, which leaves me with the mastering before we send it to press. "Booze, Bluez, & BBQ: Live In Tupelo" features Chris Fooshee on drums and newcomer Blake Miller on bass, with a special guest appearance by "The Emfamus" Skip Oliver, and was recorded live at the 41st Annual Tupelo Hog Roast on May 18, 2013. "BB&BBQ" contains some of your favorites from "Lost In Mississippi" as well as new material written over the course of the last 2 years. I've "released" 3 of the tracks for your enjoyment on SoundCloud as well as ReverbNation and at KevinWaide.com We're shooting for a mid to late August release date, so mark your calendars or check the site regularly.

Oh, did you notice the + by the word Live in the first line? No, that wasn't a mistake. I'm calling this a Live+ album because you'll also get 3 studio recordings as a bonus! These are songs written and recorded for the next studio album, but I decided to go ahead and release them on this album anyway. They include the same core musicians on the live album as well as our good friend and band-mate Jason Carter, who wasn't able to make the Hog Roast show due to a previous engagement. 

"BB&BBQ" contains 12 tracks at a run-time of just under 1 hour and will be available at all the usual online stores (iTunes, Google, Amazon, and on Spotify). Pricing has yet to be announced, but as soon as I'm made aware of it, I'll let you know. We will also have physical copies at the shows for as long as they last and are in the planning stages of a CD Release Party. I will announce the details of that as soon as I nail it down.

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